We’ve learned that controlling costs and meeting aggressive schedules relies upon good decisions made during the preliminary stages of a project. Our early involvement helps to guarantee the project goals are meet. Some of these activities include:

  • BIM management
  • Monitor Sustainability / LEED goals to ensure the highest level of efficiency is achieved
  • Prepare feasibility studies of prospective sites and buildings
  • Determine the most appropriate project delivery model
  • Solicitation of the project team including Architect, Engineers, and other Consultants
  • Create and maintain project budget
  • Manage all financial reporting
  • Analyze proposed building systems to ensure they conform to the project goals
  • Monitor progress drawings to ensure conformance to project goals
  • Maintain project goals by means of value engineering, scope revisions or other design and engineering modifications
  • Monitor document progress and ensure coordination of consulting disciplines
  • Analyze costs of building systems and confirm that design is on track with standard costs and project goals
  • Create, update and maintain design and construction schedules
  • Organize General Contractors bid list
  • Manage entitlement and permitting process
  • Manage the procurement process.
  • Manage the RFQ, RFP, Interviews and Bid Process for General Contractors, Design, Engineering and other Consultants